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Podcast: Jo Reynolds, UK's First Female Firefighter

In this episode/​conversation, UK’s first female fire­fight­er Jo Reynolds speaks can­did­ly to Steve O’Malley about her adult life decisions.

Div­ing head first into a career in the last bas­tion of mas­culin­i­ty, fire­fight­ing. The world back in a Thatch­er led Eng­land in 1983 was much small­er and for a woman enter­ing the fire ser­vice much tougher. Hav­ing fought against the odds to become the first career fire­fight­er in the UK, Jo’s yearn­ing to spread her wings and take on what the rest of the world had to offer took hold and after 4 years as a fire­fight­er it was on to her next series of life’s chal­lenges and adventures. 

The adage, once a fire­fight­er always a fire­fight­er holds true with Jo, so 35 years after her adven­ture began she felt com­pelled to tell oth­ers, par­tic­u­lar­ly young women and girls about her achieve­ment in her book FireWoman. 

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Jo Reynolds

Vic­to­ria Uni­ver­si­ty

Women and Fire­fight­ing Aus­trala­sia Inc

Aus­tralasian Fire and Emer­gency Ser­vice Author­i­ties Coun­cil

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