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Building Inclusive Workplaces Questionnaire

Diver­si­ty more than the eye can see — Chal­leng­ing how we look at diversity

Thank you for access­ing the Build­ing Inclu­sive Work­places Ques­tion­naire. Your input will add valu­able infor­ma­tion and insight to data already gathered.

What does an Inclu­sive Organ­i­sa­tion look like? In the ques­tion­naire you will be asked to rate a mix of twelve traits, behav­iours and qual­i­ties of an inclu­sive organ­i­sa­tion iden­ti­fied in out­puts from the QFES lead work­shop at WAFA Con­fer­ence 2018 (see the link below to the full report). 

They are a mix­ture of indi­vid­ual traits, behav­iours and qual­i­ties and organ­i­sa­tion­al traits, behav­iours and qual­i­ties reflect­ing that all indi­vid­u­als in an organ­i­sa­tion have a part to play in build­ing and main­tain­ing inclu­sive work­place cultures.

You will also be asked to answer three free text ques­tions and sev­er­al demo­graph­ic questions. 

The ques­tion­naire can be com­plet­ed on desk­top, note­book / iPad or mobile phone and takes about 5 minutes.

The infor­ma­tion you sup­ply is anony­mous (includ­ing the IP address of the device you are using).

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The report, SHAP­ING THE NEW NORMWAFA CON­FER­ENCE 2018 EVAL­U­A­TION AND QFES WORK­SHOP SYN­THE­SIS (Young, Tay­lor and Cramer – 2019) can be accessed HERE

You can access the research project: Diver­si­ty and inclu­sion: build­ing strength and capa­bil­i­ty from BNHCRC HERE

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