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WAFA Uniform Survey

Female fire­fight­er? Have an opin­ion on your gear?We’re doing a sur­vey of female fire­fight­ers to under­stand their per­cep­tions of the fit of their PPC and duty wear. We seek to under­stand how well female fire­fight­ers feel their PPC fits, as well as access to cus­tom made and female-spe­cif­ic PPC and duty wear.The sur­vey is aimed at female fire­fight­ers who are issued gear through their Ser­vice (not self pur­chased PPC). The sur­vey is anony­mous. The more respons­es we get, the bet­ter we can advo­cate. Please help us by tak­ing 10 mins to fill this in and spread the word through your networks.

The WAFA PPC Pre­sen­ta­tion is avail­able to watch on-demand on the WAFA YouTube Channel.